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Name and Mission
Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Residential Services Committee

The “ID/DD Committee” AHCA’s strategies as they relate to individuals with DD and their providers of residential services, including intermediate care facilities for persons with mental retardation (ICFs/MR) and group homes. The Committee’s objective is twofold: 1) to integrate our work with the work of other AHCA committees to facilitate an environment that supports quality care and quality of life for individuals with ID/DD; and 2) to promote the value of providing services in different settings, including ICFs/MR and group homes, and enhance recognition of AHCA as the spokesperson and advocate for individuals with ID/DD and their residential services providers. ID/DD Committee members are expected to participate in quarterly conference calls and to attend one in-person meeting per year. AHCA also encourages ID/DD Committee members and their staff to attend the annual DD fly-in event, as well as ID/DD Day at the AHCA/NCAL Annual Convention.
Committee Members
 AHCA BOG RepresentativeHillier, Robin L.rlhillier@aol.com330-807-2850OH
 ASHCAE RepresentativeSechovec, Lindalsechovec@nmhca.org505-880-1088NM
 ASHCAE RepresentativeVande Merwe, Robertrobert@idhca.org208-343-9735ID
 ChairNaylor, ReneeRenee@WestcareMgt.com503-362-5235OR
 MemberAdams, Kelly L.kadams@cslal.com908-252-3400NJ
 MemberAndrews, Cynthiacandrews@sevenhills.org978-448-3388MA
 MemberBarraclough, Brent P.brentjdl@comcast.net503-375-2979OR
 MemberBlack, KimberliKblack@pruitthealth.com(478) 763-3496GA
 MemberBurkhart, Lisalburkhart@pruitthealth.com(229) 242-6268GA
 MemberCutchshaw, Michaelmcutchshaw@rescare.com714-537-3252CA
 MemberEllis, Kendrakellis@embassyllc.com(206) 254-7006WA
 MemberHead, Kelly M.kelly@westcaremgt.com800-541-3732OR
 MemberJarek, HollyHJAREK@SEVENHILLS.ORG978-448-3388MA
 MemberJenkins, DebbieDJenkins@ohca.org614-436-4154OH
 MemberLair, John M.jmlair@medicalodges.com620-231-9895KS
 MemberLoflin-Wertz, Cherylcheryl@harborhealthcare.org562-866-7054CA
 MemberLogan, Consuelaconsuela.logan@billingsfairchild.com580-725-3533OK
 MemberMould, Stephensmould@ohca.org614-436-4154OH
 MemberPozderac, DeniseDPozderac@tlc-mrdd.org(330) 273-5494OH
 MemberRoot, Karenkar@mesavistainc.com801-225-9292UT
 MemberSchinnerer, Markmark.schinnerer@carcinc.org575-887-1570NM
 MemberWeber, Marilyn K.Marilyn@MKWPathways.com440-823-8703OH
 NCAL RepresentativeWaters, Brettbwaters@cableone.net208-523-5371ID
 Staff LiaisonHalvorson, Danadhalvorson@ahca.org202-898-2822DC
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